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How to Get Published

September 23, 2012

There are initially two ways to get your finished book published. You can become a self publisher or have your book published by a publishing company.

Self Publishing

Self publishing authors publish their own books by converting them into ebooks or by print and demand. Self publishing authors manage and promote their own books. They receive full *royalties but must also organize their own book selling business. The most common way to convert your book into an ebook is to convert it into a pdf. From there on I suggest that you create a website to promote your book. Remember: Don’t forget to get the copyrights of your book! To do so go to I can help you with the process. Just ask me on a Advice/ Q&A comment.

Traditional Writer

Most of the published writers that you hear about make partnerships with publishing companies. The publishing company serves as your agent and promotes your book. A certain percentage of the royalties will go to the company but the rest will go to you. The tricky part is getting a publishing company to take your book. Many writers a year will submit their book to a publishing and have it rejected. The Lord of the Flies was rejected 21 times before it was finally published. Another option you can consider is having someone find a publishing company that will take your book. If you are considering this option, then I would be capable to assist you. I am willing to help you find a company that would buy your book. Listed below are reasons why you should consider:

  • It’s fast and convenient
  • It’s less stress on you (you won’t have to run around trying to get your book published)
  • You can focus on other time consuming tasks or enjoy more free time
  • I have experience in writing and researching
  • I will promote your book on my website so all viewers will see it
  • It’s a GREAT way to gain experience and promote your book

If you would like me to help sell your book(s) then post your interest on the Writing Ideas. I will contact you ASAP via the blog. If you have any questions leave a comment at the Advice/ Q&A section.

I look forward to seeing your books on the selves or in the internet!


C.L. Broadnax

*Royalties: revenue (earnings, income)


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